We aren’t
a Network.

Pinky promise: When you need us, we'll be there. Usually faster than the others. We don’t have a branch office in Malta, Antananarivo or Texas. Instead, we are in the heart of Europe, at two locations in Switzerland, with fast-acting team members who care.


We are Mirato.

We work weird hours. Wouldn’t survive without coffee. Inspired by tattoos, empty screens and blank pages. Owner-managed. In the center of Switzerland. Started online. We offer conception, creation, editing, organization, implementation. Supporting clients from all industries: finance, society, science and business. Developing (and reading) magazines, TV commercials, websites, billboards. From the strategic core idea to the technical implementation.


We’re not hip.

Fancy and edgy is fun. Relevant is better. Our attitude: pragmatism with the necessary sparkle. You have a riddle to solve, we got the solution - the real meaning of design. We don't just outsource work to graphic designers or copywriters. We’re a bunch of experienced developers, designers, strategists and business owners. You can't create a promising packaging without qualitative ingredients.


We don’t poop

We don’t want peace, we want your problems. Seriously. The bigger the challenge, the more we enjoy working with you. Too often solutions or campaigns are just remixes in fast pipelines. Creativity needs tranquility. We ride with our customers through solution oriented creativity and vision into a successful digital world.

Lets smoke cigars, brainstorm, laugh, drink wine, walk and create your vision for your future.